Case Study

The Learning Hub

ClientSt Christopher’s Hospice
ProjectNew-build education and teaching space
ServiceCost Management

Based in Sydenham, South London, St. Christopher’s Hospice is developing a Learning Hub that will help support, assist and educate NHS nurses, private clients and the local community on palliative care. The Learning Hub has been funded entirely through charitable donations and it has been essential for CHP to ensure that there was a tight control on the total project budget so that all risks were minimised.

Architect, Mills Power, together with the client, has created a building that will include: a flexible lecture space for 120 people that can be split into 3 smaller teaching spaces; a skills lab for practical training; library, e-learning and personal study facilities; meeting rooms; open foyer for events and seminars. There is embedded webinar and conferencing technology, so that the team can enhance learning and widen access both nationally and internationally.